Having Hair Loss Problem

Hair loss is starting to worry me. The countless strands of hair on my hair brush are starting to appear like a scary sight to my eyes. I didn’t pay attention to it at first even though I saw hair falls everywhere in the house like on the couch, on the bed, on the dresser and most on the bath room. I thought since my sister is living with me and we’re sharing the same bathroom that those strands of hair on the bathroom floor are ours. But tonight though, while freeing my hair from its bond and gently brushing it with my fingers, there were about ten to fifteen strands falling and clinging through my fingers. One or two strands would have been fine but fifteen!? I don’t want to be bald!

I calmed myself down. There is none in the family that have gone bald so that calmed me down. One reason of my hair loss maybe is tying my hair tight everyday and untying only when I go to bed. Other reasons are plucking off dead hair or maybe too much thinking resulting into depression. Okay, I guess I need to stop thinking about my husband then. Anyway, those are the only reasons that I know of can cause hair loss. So to feed my curious mind with information and to stop the level of worries in my head, I search about female hair loss. Gladly, a site popped up with substantial information about my search. Now I am more worried reading the causes. I’ll be inspecting and examining my hair everyday is the hair loss persists. If you are having hair loss problem, go ahead and read its causes too.


  1. Hi Chie, musta ka na? dropping by here.. ako hair loss due to stresss... hhahha..


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