Featured Wardrobe: Shortkini

Can you dare to wear this short shorts or bikini short to some, which in short called shortkini? It the case of shortkini shown below is made of denim therefore called denim shortkini. For sure some can dare. Well I can and my sisters can as well. I have no problem wearing this short shorts as long as I feel comfortable with it and with the people around. Meaning, I only wear this short shorts only with people that I am comfortable with like my family and friends.

Wearing short shorts or shortkini at the mall is a "no-no" for me though. People will likely stare as if talking to their conscience asking how this stout piglet dared to wear the shorts. Frankly speaking, some people really do that and some simply give you a bad look as if you just got out from a bar. If you are just an ordinary woman, when wearing short shorts, you'll be mistaken as a bar girl. But hey, look at those celebrities they are wearing short shorts too! 

Some may feel bad seeing girl wearing shorts as short as this but we don't care. It is fashion and we are comfortable following and wearing the trend.


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