Featured Wardrobe: Cheep In Purple

Cheep is the star for today in my featured wardrobe. I actually have no idea how I came up with the title. This post should be for the Wardrobe Wednesday but it seems like I am not posting for that meme no more and just came up with my own personal meme where I am the only player.

So let's get back to my sister Cheep in her purple wardrobe. I asked her to pose for my camera before leaving to Manukan to spend her weekend at our parents. She is wearing an unbranded shirt that costs 395.00Php, that LV replica sling bag of hers costs 550.00Php and that plaid denim shortkini costs 695.00Php. A cheaper price for a trendy wardrobe! Or please do the math. 
Sling bags and shortkinis paired with 3 inches high heeled shoes (mine) are "in" nowadays. However you wear these things or whatever you pair with the shortkini or sling bag with, it is your confidence that still matters the most.


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