Pink Saturday: Pairs of Pink Undies

A girl indeed need something pink in her life. I so agree to that since I am a lover of pink stuff myself simply because the color is super girly and pretty. Talking about pink, I decided to finally join Pink Saturday today. Saturday is just right to post something pink in this blog since I have no other memes in this particular day. So for my pink contribution, here are two pairs of pink undies. These are my sisters'. They love pink too, eh? You can't blame them, this color is so pretty to be ignored and so as these pairs of undies.
My sisters went out one day to shop and these are what they boasted on me. They're bad they didn't think of getting a pair for me. They said these are not expensive though so they thought of not getting me a pair thinking I might dislike it. But actually, expensive or not, as long as it is pink and it is heartily given I would take it with no buts.

Come and join the fun posting photos of your pink stuffs at Pink Saturday. Simple click on the badge for the info on how to join. Enjoy!


  1. aw! ka cute ba sa mga undies nimo sis! love it! hehehe

  2. good for you sis! Though dli ni pwede nko basta naa mga laces ky katolan ko, but then since it suits you.. it's nice! Am happy for you! muahhh!


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