I Wish To Play A Guitar

Both my younger sisters know how to play a guitar. I could only enjoy myself watching them but with envy while they are casually strumming their fingers on the guitar strings as if doing it is just a very easy task. While my head is spinning in trying to understand, it seems like very easy for them to play new songs by only looking at the guitar chords. Don’t get me wrong, I love to sing but I just don’t know how to play a guitar. Even how hard my sisters taught me how to play a simple acoustic, I can only learn how to strum an annoying sound.
I thought though that if someone really is determined to learn, she/he can by putting her heart to it. Recently, I came across a site that offers acoustic guitar lessons. This is very convenient for those who are lazy to enroll to a musical class and just prefer to sit home to learn guitar lessons. Even learning it online can be successful as long as you are exerting your utmost effort in learning accompanied by your strong determination into conquering this kind of musical equipment. I thought of trying it. I really wish to learn to play even an acoustic guitar.


  1. Agoy pareha ta sis, gusto pod ko kabalo mag-guitar.. hahay nus-a pa kaha^ ma-realize nko. weee.. ;-)

  2. its very easy to learn guitar, at first its hard of corz but keep on practicing ul see its fun


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