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I think I missed one month topic and more in Girls Talk. How am I gonna make it up with you guys? Hmmn? What about completing my post for this coming month? But before doing that, let me post my share for today which is about my all time favorite book. 

There is one book that I cannot auction or trade with any thing because this book had been a part of my life. I started counting this book as part of my life when I first read it back in 2007. A friend of mine accidentally left the book in our house. She said her boyfriend asked her to read the book in 40 days which is equivalent to reading 1 chapter each day. To my curiosity what that book was about, I opened and the first line that captured me was "It is not about you." It put me in deep thought thinking what am I here for then? Well, the book answered that questions and the rest.
Although that book was not mine, I strongly believe someday I can have one.  We will  be reunited. I felt there was a strong connection between me and that book. To tell you honestly, I was not that faithful to the One above. I often question him and everything about him whenever problems occur. There were even times I close my heart to Him, not believing him. Reading that first chapter of the book slowly opened my mind and heart.
So came 2008, hubby arrived for our wedding and know what? Hubby brought a complete set of the book (including the booklet that I usually bring with me wherever I go, the pocket book and the journal for us to write our thoughts down everyday after reading a chapter) for me. You may think it was a coincident but my heart said I am destined to have the book.


  1. maybe HE find a way to let you find HIM. keep reading.

  2. great one... i don't have a hard copy of it, jst ebook, but a buy twice, my best choice for a gift...

  3. sis purpose driven is perfect book naa sad ko ana. Nice kaau na basahun jud sa pinas pako dyusnon kaau ko dire na wala pakoo ka simba since niabot ko sus pastilan makalerki..

  4. i heard a lot about this one. one great book!

  5. how sweet! ang ganda ng story behind why it's your most loved book. warren is a great writer, no wonder millions of people loved this :)


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