Sick of My Messy Work Place

My temperature went up again this afternoon. Good thing it went down few minutes after I ate my early dinner and took my medicines. I was worried because I was all alone in the house. My siblings went home for they have no more class tomorrow because it is the last day of their intramural. Mom actually sent a text message to me asking to just go home so she can take care of me there because no one will look after me here if something bad happen. My dog Chizka can't do anything. So I was so glad I felt better after taking my medicines. Feeling better, I took advantage of it by doing all my online works including sending message to my husband.
So while at my little work place, my home office, I noticed the messy files and papers on the computer racks under my computer desk. I also saw spider webs scattered under. These scenario could only make me sicker. I've been troubled by these messy papers, mostly bond and photo papers for printing under my computer desks but I just couldn't remove these stuffs as there is no other place to put at. I thought of getting a small office furniture cabinet so I can keep my little office organized. I found some nice office furniture cabinets online that I love to have like the mobile under desk cabinets for easy moving. I will get one for sure!


  1. Hello sis.. can I ask query? Me payu2blog ka? is it ok meron inpost links with them?

  2. That's a nice cabinet Chie. My desk is messy too here and my husband doesn't like it..hehehehe...I don't need a new cabinet, I just need to arrange my paper works...Hope your feeling okay na. Take care.


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