GT: My Only Violets

Whew. I think I am late. LOL! I am really late but better late than never. So it is purple, violet, lilac or whatever close to the color of violet. I am not a fan of puple or violet but I do have few things puple like scented candles and few tops. I am more on blue, brown, and pink.  So here are the only violet/purple things I can share:
The only tops I own that have violets on it. Sorry I am just not a fan of the color. My little sister is quite a huge fan of both pink and purple but not me.


  1. Hi Chie, nice bonding with the girlfriends jud.. ako wa jud bisag isa ka purple...

    GT at Woman’s elan vital

  2. hey everybody has their color preference ;)

    looks like great bonding moments with friends though :)

  3. i love the perks sis... nice bonding i agree with vernz... i miss bonding with my gf also.


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