Wardrobe Wednesday No. 4

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am participating the meme entitled Wardrobe Wednesday again and I hope that through this, I will get people interested to join this meme. For my share today, here is a photo of  Cheep, my lovely youngest sister in her simple get-up for their school Masquerade Party. It was her first Masquerade party and she did enjoy a lot. She has more photos of her with her classmates during the party at her own blog. If you would like to see it, kindly visit her at her blog, CHEEP.

Do you have a new and old wardrobe? Wear it and take a shot or shot somebody who look good or funny in their wardrobe and share it at Wardrobe Wednesday. Join this meme by clicking on this badge above. 


  1. she looks gorgeous sis...beauty runs in the family talaga....will check out her blog....:)


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