Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Love Nail Kit

To all nail polish lovers out there, here is a perfect set of nail polish for you to use this summer. It is cool to paint our nails because it adds sexiness to our fingers. Some women, like me, change their nail paint every  week and some change everyday. So, for you all ladies, here is a kit with 7 beautiful nail colors that will surely turn you mad. Change you nail color everyday in a week for all you want, this summer love kit with punchy, offbeat shades of teal, coral, beige, orange, pink and orchid will be happy to serve you.
The Shades:
  • Shine On (beige sparkle)
  • Woodstock (radioactive pink)
  • Love Light (baby pink sparkle)
  • Hashbry (bright orchid)
  • Magic Bus (emergency orange)
  • Aquarius (electric teal)
  • Psychedelic Sister (bright coral).

If you like this summer love kit, click on the photo or visit the store Urban Decay. Urban Decay sells this Summer Love Kit for $28.00.

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