Pink Fashion Umbrellas

It's been raining here in the Philippines and it simply means getting your laundry dry in a day is very impossible but it's nice because it cools the temperature down and it makes me sleep good. Also, bringing an umbrella with you wherever you go is a must, whether you have a car or not because you still have to walk from the car park to the market area, to the school gate or to the department store. Mentioning about bringing umbrella, I found pink fashionable umbrellas you would love to have at
This one is a classic style umbrella with a real bamboo hook handle, auto opening mechanism, and silver tips and finial. It has shades of bright red and hot pink that is just so lovely. It contrasts the gloomy and dark skies. It has  35" coverage and 30" length. This cost $36.00. 
Let the rain be a part of your canopy. If you want to see the rain drops while walking on the wet roads, this adult bubble umbrella of clear dome and pink trim would be great. I haven't had an umbrella like this but I don't mind owning one. This umbrella features easy slide opening and closing mechanism with a 34" coverage and 37" length. This costs $40.00

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  1. ay yay yay major major pink ito!!! ang cute nmn!! ahahhaha
    nweis thanks for dropping by kanina =) mwah!!!!

  2. Aww! I hate umbrellas... :S

  3. haguy ka cute ba sa mga pink nga payong sis! pero mahal lang pud lagi.. hehehe.. naa man tag P150 ra diri.


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