Maria Venus Raj In The Magic 5

I watched the ABS-CBN airing of Miss Universe 2010 yesterday to show my support for Venus Raj who presented the Philippine Republic on that major event. Hearing the people's applauds seemed like Venus won almost all the audience hearts inside Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas where the pageant was held. With the graceful sway and shake of her arms and hips, to add up that beautiful smile of hers, she deserved the applauds.

I had a feeling she could win the crown for she really carried herself gracefully, not to mention being the crowd's favorite. When her name was called in the magic ten down to the magic five, I was joyed. and thought she could possibly win the the crown. My eyes were all hooked up when question and answer portion came. I was anticipating for Venus' turn to face her picked judge. I felt nervous for her as if I was the one on stage waiting for the question. So the question was asked but it was sad to say her answer was kind of ironic. At the end of the pageant, she was announced 4th runner up. Although she didn't win that glittery crown, she still brings honor to our country and of course, an accomplishment to herself for going that far.I am so proud of her!


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