Kat Von D is Dating Jesse James?

Is this really true that Kat Von D, the Ink star in LA is dating Jesse James, Sandra Bullocks' ex-husband? I read about this news at cbsnews and was knitting my brows was reading, kind of. I am a fan of Kat Von D. I've watched her shows where she does awesome body arts that always make me utter "wow, that was fast and easy" in front the TV. She is actually one of the reasons why I got my first tattoo. She inspired me and currently inspiring me to get a new tattoo like that stars the surround her brow. Back to this news about her dating Jesse James, it was written that it is Kat herself tweeted about it on her twitter account. For more info about this news, visit cbsnews.


  1. waaaaaaa...that's a little bit bizarre! thanks for sharing sis...:)


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