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I opened a new shop called Chie's Treats where I am selling custom printed shirts, mugs, totes, caps and etc. I have available custom printed shirts for all bloggers (men and women) out there. If you are interested you can buy at a low price. Check out some of the products below:

Women's T-shirt and Men's Baseball Jersey for $22

Tote Bag for $17

Cotton Cap for $17

Mug for $15

Bumper Sticker for $5

There are a lot more at my shop like printed modern wall clock, Sigg water bottle, apron, keepsake box and t-shirts for your kids. So, please visit Chie's Treats.


  1. Wow,what a coincidence Chie...I'm also in the process of putting up a store there but I decided to try it first by ordering my own customized item...it's nice and they offer fast shipping too...


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