GT: A Movie To Watch With Enemy

A movie that's scary, that's what came into my mind after reading the theme today at Girls Talk! It should be a movie that would scare my enemy (as if I am not scared with scary movies). I think of The Craft since I am  a little witch myself possessing few vampiric powers.
Sarah Bailey, a sixteen year old troubled teenager with a painful past and a history of suicidal tendencies and hallucinations, moves to L.A. with her father and stepmother to start a new life - and is enrolled into a Catholic school. It is at school that she comes into contact with three unlikely friends, Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle, all who are socially outcast with various problems in their lives that they wish they could fix. Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle dabble in occult practices, and when they notice Sarah has the powers of a natural witch, they talk her into joining their coven. When Sarah joins, they soon realize that with a fourth witch in the coven they can begin to cast spells they couldn't before, and begin to amend all the things wrong in their lives - but like everything else in life - things come with a price. Source.

If that enemy of mine won't still be scared with this movie, then it's my time to show my supernatural power - a power combination of a witch and a vampire. I can easily scare my enemy if ever. All I need to do is take my 4 false front teeth off and give my enemy the grin that my enemy will always remember in his/her sleep. No one forgets my long sharp fangs.Haha!


  1. too funny! i love the craft and see to it that i watch it from time to time with anyone who wants to watch with me. LOL. and good luck with scaring your enemy with your fangs. haha

  2. hahaha, that's scary... I hope I won't have a nightmare after reading this.. :P

  3. now i so love this movie..what they did to sarah was not funny so they deserve sarah's revenge..=) i'm so mean..=)

  4. okay this will be on my next movie to watch list

  5. Girl naay bag o salida karon vampire sucks super kataw anan daw kau mao na akong gina abangan block buster daw hehehe


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