GT: The 3 Chies' Favorite Movie

There is only one movie that we, the three Chies, love watching over and over and over again. It is the most of the most favorite movie we have. It is the movie that brought us to a flood of tears the first time we watched it together. Thanks to the person who let us borrow the VHS tape.  We will never get tired watching this movie although it is kind of old since I was only 7 year old when this movie first came out on 1993. How we wish we were able to see this movie in the big screen. Ok, I guess I have to say what movie it is. Well, it is Kadenang Bulaklak.
Do you still remember Jasmin, Baby, Violy and Daisy in this movie? For sure most of you have seen this movie already and I am sure you've cried a lot as well. To those who haven't seen this movie yet, just check  PBO or Cinema 1 from time to time, it will surely be on there, I just don't know when though. Or borrow a VHS tape of this movie from your friends if you don't have. Make sure you will gather all your sisters together in front the TV and don't forget to grab a roll of paper towel or better yet a couple of handkerchiefs. If you have no paper towel and handkerchief, your tshirt works. 

Kadenang Bulaklak by the way is a story of the 4 sisters who were separated at their young age after their parents died on a bus accident. When they grew up, they were united by a song that their mother taught them.

I read recently that ABSCBN will do a remake of the movie, Kadenang Bulaklak to be aired on prime time bida to be starred by Judy Ann Santos as Jasmin, Angelica Panganiban as Baby who also played the role of a young Baby in Kadenang Bulaklak, Sarah Geronimo as Violy and Erich Gonzales as Daisy or Tricia.


  1. Kadenang Bulaklak, who are stars of this movie? Di ko pa to napanood eh, And mukhang heavy drama... ayoko pa naman umiiyak

  2. that's good to hear! i would love to see the remake!! i saw the original one too way way back and i must agree, it is really a tearjerker!


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