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I should be sleeping 5 hours ago since I was up all night but my crazy head worked again and thought of changing this blogs layout/theme. According to my devil head "change the layout right now, no you are not sleepy yet, you still have to change the no..come on now open that big owl's eyes of yours and work"! So I did. I've been thinking about changing the layout of this blog a month ago but I have no PowerPoint, where I am good at making a layout. Well, I had but I lost the key after I got a new motherboard but as mentioned, my crazy head worked and after lots and lots of frustrations of finding a way to make a layout, an idea popped up. So, here is the result of my crazy head. Now I am sleepy and tired. 


  1. sis gurl n girl ang layout nimu... nice kaau mn.. clean n clean...

  2. wow! you are really good in it.. and somehow you can be able to survive facing the computer for a long hours.. me, I can't anymore? I have this bad headache and afraid that it may affect my studies. I can't memorize better than before.. it sucks!!!

  3. How I wish I could be crazy as you so I could make a beautiful lay out as this. hehehehe you did an amazing job girl

  4. sis you are good :D hehe.. I have no idea how to change it I use use the template that have in blogger.

    oh yeah.. having giveaway


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