Looking For Bedroom Furniture To Shop

I was doing my online thing again when bored which is browsing through stuffs I wish to buy online. This time though, I browse for Bedroom Furniture thinking of having a bedroom makeover. I am kind of tired seeing a crowded bedroom with old furniture. It had been two years that our bedroom never changed. It is still the same old no-theme bedroom with furniture and fixtures here and there. 
So, I told hubby about changing our old metal-framed bed into a platform bed because it started making annoying sound now. I looked for ideas of our perfect platform bed online. I easily found one while browsing; it is a Logan Leather platform bed. Oh, it looks so great! Its headboard can be used for our books since hubby and I read book before we sleep.

A bed needs bedding sets, a lot of bedding sets to use alternately. So, I as well browse for bedding sets which I can possibly purchase online. All our bedding sets actually were bought online including the comforters since it is too hard to find quality bedding sets here in our area that would pass hubby’s taste. Check out the bedding set that I fall in love with in the photo above.
Since I am working online, most of my days and nights is spent on the computer placed just inside our bedroom. Now, I am thinking of adding a seating or better yet a sofa bed by our bedroom’s bay window close to my working area where the computer is at. That way, when I want to relax my back, I can easily lay down on a comfortable sofa bed. That would be a great idea!


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