Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gt: I Am Powerful, Mentally

It's another bragging moment at Girls Talk. This week, it is all about bragging our mental or intellectual power. Well, to give you a hint of how powerful I am mentally, let me all tell you this: "if you are smart, I am too so give me a high five"!
Seriously, I am not that smart. I only owned the fourth place with most thoughtful, most respectful and most helpful in class from grade 1 to grade 4. In grade 5 to grade 6, the only awards I got was most thoughtful. In high school, well I sucked until college because I was not able to climb up to the top ten. It was not because I was dull but because I didn't take my studies seriously. I speak and write better English than my college classmates actually. I call my self fast learner and determined. Never will I sleep until I learned what I wanted to learn perfectly. So, yes I am powerful, mentally.


  1. High Five!

    I, too, struggled in college, but I am proud of my brain. :)

    My GT Post is up HERE.

  2. you are pretty smart sis...I salute you for being so humble!

  3. beso beso nalang ako sis (hihi)
    at least you had an awards right? hihi, you are mentally capacitated of doing things right.

    Happy Girls Talk

  4. I'm giving you a High Five Chie!

    my post is here... Me Mentally

  5. high five, Chie!

    you can see my entry here...

  6. being able to learn things fast is something to be proud of. not all people can do that :)

  7. wow thanks mare...d naman lahat ng top ten matalino...masipag lang! ahahhaha mag memorize! =))

    nweis for sure matalino ka...bulakbol k lng ahah ajoke! =)) nweis thnks for the visit sis!

    good day!