Scarf Colors & Prints For Men

Scarves that men wear strongly speak of their character and personality, as well as of their sense of fashion.  Unlike women who tend to be more intricate and elaborate, men love to look simple, masculine, and stunningly smart.  Here are great colors and prints for mens scarves that will make you look more fashionable with any outfit you wear:

Solid colors
Most men go for solid and strong colors that are simple yet masculine, such as black, brown, blue, and even burgundy scarves.  A black scarf can actually fit any top, but looks perfect on light-colored and black tops.  A brown scarf is great for earth-colored outfits, such as flesh or khaki tops and dark brown pants.  Your blue scarf can match with a light-colored top, especially white, and your dark blue jeans.  A burgundy scarf can also look gorgeous with your lighter-shade-of-red top or white undershirt and burgundy jacket.

Neutral colors
Solid neutral colors like white, camel, and gray are classic color favorites when it comes to men’s scarves.  Aside from being simple and smart, these colors are sure to look relaxing and warm on men’s clothes.  White scarves look great on solid tops like black or brown or even on light colored shirts, especially printed shirts.  Camel-colored scarves always look smart and they fantastically match with dark shirts, most especially black or brown.  Gray scarves also fit perfectly with your plain or printed black or white shirts.

Striped and Checkered
Other equally fashionable and stunning scarves you can wear are striped and checkered scarves.  The colors that look great with men on these prints are combinations of black, gray, white, blue, camel, brown, and burgundy.  You can choose from stripes of black and white, black and brown, black and burgundy, brown and white, or brown and camel.  You can also go for a combination of more than two colors like black, gray, and white or black, blue, and white.  Other great-looking scarves are two-toned scarves like black and gray or dark blue and lighter shade of blue to give life to your plain shirt or jacket.


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