PBB Teen Clash 2010 Big Winner

Wohoo, I was so happy with the result. My pick, the dashing dude of Australia, Jame Reid is the Big Winner with 179,294 votes counting mine!
Nickname: James
Real Name: Robert James Reid
Origin: Australia
Birthdate: May 11
Nationality: Half-Australian, Half-Filipino
Hobbies: Swimming, Music, Going to the beach
Favorite Food: Sinigang

James was my pick to be the big winner after my co-dipolognon, Romeo Jalosjos and Tricia Santos of Davao City was evicted  from the Pinoy Big Brother house. Watching James shocked face when he was proclaimed as the big winner of the PBB Teen Clash edition was really emotional for me. It seemed like it never really crossed his mind of becoming the big winner. If you have seen that innocent, shocked face of his, you will really say "oh, he is a baby darling".

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