New Domain and Link From Blog Submitting

Advertise on blogsI am so excited that I finally got this new domain working for this blog. This domain is free for one year and I am so excited what this new domain will bring to me in monetizing this blog. Talking about monetizing, I submitted this blog to Link From Blog where we write paid reviews on topics relevant to our sites. Signing up to Link From Blog  for me is quite easier than any other blog advertising sites I signed up. So, if you haven't registered your blog to link from blog yet  better register it to link from blog now to monetize it. It won't take so much of your time.
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  1. wow chie..
    Kuha pod unta ko, dili sa lng pod!!
    next time nah pag naa nako ipaupdate after one year..
    ni increase ra d i ako points sa clicks abi nako dili ko japon ko kablo mo click.. action pod ta kabalaka.. hehe!!

  2. agoy sis chie, about link from blog hahaha gamatitoy raman tawon na sila offers oi, memeber ko ana pero wala nako nisulod ug balik sa ilahang ginharian ambot bayran bako adto naa sad na sila pondo2x.

    Goodluck nalang sa ilaha sis, let me know if mobayad na ahhah..


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