Neon Blue Nail Polish with Glitters

Just thought of sharing my nail paint I was wearing a week before last week. I forgot the polish brand but I remember the color. It is neon blue. The manicurist or the person who did my nails was the one who chose this color saying this will look great on my nails. Well, I love the color and it does look good on my nails especially when she added yellow glitters on it. I hope people didn't think of me having a blue heart. 


  1. sis so lovely. Mingaw na jud ko sa manicurista nako ug pedicurista.

    Nice kaayo sis unya d looks pa jud sa imung mga nails perti murag dalaga kaau... never been touched hahha...

    Love it promise. Blue looks so cool over...

  2. awwwwww....pagka sexy sa imong kuko it!

  3. It is nice mn jud pod sis.. bagay na bagay.. my fave color when it comes to nails is light blue.. dli mn gud ko pwede magpataas sis.. heheh.. yours is very cute! Close to the color of the year -- turquoise! Ahh.. pareha ra ky basta blue.. ;-)

  4. Nice color sis Chie. Kandilaon man diay kag fingers bagay kaayo ang color blue.


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