GT: My Shower Loot

It was sad when our GT host, sis Niko announced the end of Girl Talk but when I checked on the topic today, she made a great comeback. Thanks goodness! Now we can continue the girls fun at Girls Talk! 

Today at Girls Talk! we will be showing the stuffs inside our shower loot. So, here is mine:  
  1. Magical glutathione whitening soap cut into halves. I used it as everyday body soap.  
  2. Very Sexy for him all over body wash. That's hubby's but I use it too. I used it before the body soap.
  3. Foot works by Avon for removing rough skin. 
  4. Woman by Lactacyd. That is, of course, for the delicate and intimate area. 

Now for my major concern which is my hair:
  1. Sunsilk (green) strengthening shampoo  for dry and damaged hair and Sunsilk (pink) smooth and manageable shampoo with creamy yogurt energizers. I use these two alternately.  
  2.  Hot Oil Treatment Mentholated Cream by swallow. I apply it on my hair wrapped with towel for 10 minutes after applying shampoo. 
  3. Kolours hair blackening shampoo. I use this only once a week to get rid of my natural hair color which is dark brown. 
  4. Cream silk conditioner - my favorite conditioner of all time. I use it when I have something to do outside the house like meeting or hanging out with friends, dining out with my dear hubby, going to the grocery, school, etc. and paying our bills. 
  5. Last but not least, please don't laugh. This is actually my major, tough (or whatever you call it) hair secret - Mane and Tale conditioner. It helps my hair thicken and healthier + smoother. What I hate about this conditioner though is the smell.  I usually use this for a night bath or when I have no reason to go out the house. 

So there you have it! Have a happy Girls Talk everyone. If you want to join this meme, simply click on the badge above and share us your girl story. 


  1. My cousin also uses Mane n Tail, effective nga daw talaga!

    Funny naman - girls with black hair color their hair brown, while you have brown hair and you want it black. :D :D :D

  2. I tried using the Mane and Tail shampoo, but my head got itchy, so I am back using the "normal" shampoos.

    My shower loot's HERE.

  3. Naalala ko tuloy na merong tumatawag sa aking telemarketers to buy from them the magical glutathione--may effect ba yun? Sunsilk girl ka pala,sistah Chie^_^

  4. ang dami talaga ritual ng mga babae compare to men :) kasi naman yung sa hubby kunti lang gamit sa shower ehehhe

  5. hi chie, wow, murag pareho tag brand sa shampoo ... ahahaha... ana jud nang mga girls no... hehehe...

    My Shower Loot is up too here

  6. Now i got a company..hehe Sunsilk user din ako...

    check out my loots here> :)

  7. My major concern is my hair as well :) So why should we be laughing? :) We're all girls after all and understand each other well ;)

  8. does mane and tail really work?

  9. hello nga sis...thanks for leaving comments here... Mane and Tale so far is very effective on me, cguro po hiyangan lang talaga...meron ibang scalf na super sensitive at di mkaya ang mane and tail...with mane and hair is thicker and stronger and lesser falling hair..

    about glutathione, nkakasmooth ng skin pero hindi masyadong effective sa pagpapaputi..hehehhe...

  10. miss ko na ang creamsilk.. ang mahal naman kasi dito eh, pero creamsilk girl ako pag nasa pinas.. ang bango kasi at ang gandang suklayan ang hair.. have a nice weekend ganda =)

  11. yey! same sunsilk ehhehe =)
    nweis thnks for dropping by...i was browsing your fb looking at your pics heheh =)
    happy weekend!

  12. My hair is always a major concern too. I used hair mask and wrap it for 10 minutes.. babae nga naman dami seremonya ..thanks for dropping by

  13. sis I love the detail post of your loot :D


  14. oh you have so many stuff in your shower loot.. ilove most the glutathione.. :D

  15. actually sau ko unang nkta ang mane and tail.. next ke fedhz.. kala ko joke lng.. hihih pero mukang ok nga sya ha! hihi

    thanks for joining GT ganda!!! See u next week, cant wait to see what’s inside your vanity kit! happy weekend girl!

    Artsy Niko
    Niko's Home

  16. curious ako jan sa pampalago ng hair, i thought joke lang ng uncle ko when he told my friend to buy a "horse shampoo" for her hair probs..i now know what he means:)

  17. naku sis, i can't use mane and tail kasi sobrang kapal na ng hair ko. everybody else thinks i use it pro no...talagang i have tick hair kaya i often have it relaxed.

  18. Yay I am so creamsilk even before and now and after maybe hehehe sorry for the late visit girl my connections was acting up for two days grrr


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