GT: Inside My Vanity Kit

It is time for all the girl to gather together at Girls Talk again. The theme today is "what's inside my vanity kit".
Actually, what I have is a travel kit/vanity kit. Hubby got this travel kit free from the airline he took during his last trip from  Dubai to the Philippines. It is free and nice. I am using this for 3 years now. This is quite big, about 8"width by 6" length but this fits right inside my big brown bag.
Inside this vanity kit are the things that I use everyday:
eco-friendly comb, rexona deodorant, ponds pearl cream, belo essentials lotion, everr belina black eyeliner and water eyeliner, pressed powder and blush-on by Avon, lip balm, avocado extract face cleanser, and of course, for my hair - vitress. 


  1. girla-loo! hi there!
    hmmm d k mahilig sa makeup? =P
    hehe ako dn eh! here's mine -

  2. wow, why not nga naman for free.. wow galante ang hotel sista,, imagine how useful,, 3 years mo na ginamit..

    Hope you can visit mine too :)

    Have a nice day!

  3. ganda nga ng vanity kit mo sis parang made of leather...bango ng hair mo sis using the vitress...

    here's mine:

  4. You have your daily essentials here from lip care to hair care. :)

  5. You have your daily essentials here from lip care to hair care. :)

  6. ako din, d ako mahilig sa make up.. dahil hindi ako marunong mag apply ahahah

  7. wow belo girl ka diay Chie... heheh, love your bags color...

    Joined GT too HERE

  8. Super useful talaga ang laman ng vanity kit mo--you have them from lip to hair care!

  9. wow naman talgang only VELO touches your skin huh!!! hehehe
    am not fond of using make ups too, but I have them all in my kikay kit in case of emergencies.. hahaha

    Happy Girls Talk

  10. ay ang sweeet ni hub at super mo love mo tla yang kit na yan for sure!!!

    anyways, thanks for joining GT!!! See u next week, can’t wait to see what’s inside your WALLET! Enjoy your weekend girl!

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    Trendy & Heartily Yours


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