Wardrobe Wednesday 2

This is my second Wardrobe Wednesday participation and again, I am featuring my youngest sister in her (this time) interpretative dance costume. She is my favorite to feature for 2 weeks. Well, learning about Wardrobe Wednesday made me think of Cheep first since she is the one who is more active in dancing. And dancing comes with unique costumes.  
This is quite a cute costume. The big yellow gold ribbon paired very well with the cute purple tubed dress.
Above is a picture of my youngest sister (3rd from your left when facing the computer) with her co-dancers taken before their dance number. 

Do you have a new and old wardrobe? Wear it and take a shot or shot somebody who look good or funny in their wardrobe and share it at Wardrobe Wednesday. Join this meme by clicking on this badge above. 


  1. Very cute. My daughter would love to wear something that shiny!

  2. awwwwww...so cute...ehehehe! kikay na kikay!


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