Wardorbe Wednesday 1

This is my first time joining Wardrobe Wednesday. For my first share of wardrobe, here is a photo my youngest sister Cheep.

This is her Tahitian costume for their Tahitian dance back when she was 2nd or 3rd high school to compete with other high school level. I really can't remember now but I remember taking this picture of her inside their messy dressing room. They got the second prize after they performed. 

Do you have a new and old wardrobe? Wear it and take a shot or shot somebody who look good or funny in their wardrobe and share it at Wardrobe Wednesday. Join this meme by clicking on this badge above. 


  1. What a beautiful costume and a lovely girl as well. Thanks for joining Wardrobe Wednesday!

  2. Lovely girl & costume.
    First prize winners I say!
    Thanks for visiting.

  3. Lovely girl - cute girl -she's a first prize winner I tell you!
    Thanks for visiting

  4. Beautiful all the way around!


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