My Phone Is Back

I already posted about my phone here for Pink Fridays last year but just let me post it again for the "I  Pink" meme. I am just so happy to announce that my phone is back to life since February this year after I accidentally dropped it and broke its LCD. Hubby finally got it fix as his Valentine's gift for me.

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  1. Very cute and great phone sis.. I love it! So stylish! By the way sis, imong fingernails pod ang very pretty! Ako dili ko ka-ing-ana ky naanad mn gud ko nga mugbo^ akong mga kuko sa pag-eskwela pa nko oi.. :( ... I like it like yours but kung manghogas lagi og plato ky ma-erase kadogayan og maputol mn gud.. lol.. wla lang jud sguro ko naanad. Have a great day sis.. muahhh!

  2. ka pweety sa imong phone sis woi...mura naman na ug camera...ehehhehe...lov'n it...bongga the in...ehehehe!

  3. sooo cutie naman ng celphone mo sis:-) i love the color soooo pink!

    Thanks for joining I love Pink Meme, see u guys again next week, have a nice day.

  4. wow akoon nalang na sis ahahhaha... way kurat! nice man jud agree ko nila cute pink pink kaau..

  5. wow chie! sexy nails and very cute pink cellphone.. ^^


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