GT: Most Recent Photos With Offline Friends

Happy GT everyone. Today's theme for Girls Talk! is "Latest Picture With Your 0ffline Friends". So here are my share today:

This picture above was taken during our HS batch reunion last December 2009 inside our school campus. It was taken during the "gaining weight season" when there were lots of foods. Lol. I hope you can recognize me in this picture, if not, I am the one with a bottle of pepsi in hand. 

This picture above was taken the same day the picture above was taken. You may notice I wear different top. It's just that I sweat a lot so I keep changing clothes. Thanks goodness our house was just a few steps away. Anyway, these three beautiful ladies with me in the photo are 3 of my closest friends in HS. The other 3 closest friends (2 gayfriends and 1 girlfriend-now married) didn't make it to our batch reunion. 


  1. Na miss ko tuloy yung mga hs friends ko, nag reunion din sila last December, inggit ako! lol!

  2. nkakatuwa to see you with ur HS friends.. di pa rin nawawala ang kulitan.. kitang kita sa pix nio!

    bdw, Girs Talk will end on June, hope you can still join the last wave of fun. The theme is on the sidebar already.. its been nice seeing u at Girls Talk!

  3. wow...good bonding sis.... maypamo nag reunion... nice to reminisce those days hahaha...


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