GT: Friends I Met In School

It is Girls Talk! once again my co-girl talkers. The theme today is "friends we met in school from-elementary to college". So, here are my shares. 

High School Friends
These are closest girl friends I had in SEKC or Saint Estanilao Kostka College, Manukan Zambo. del Norte - a high school where I graduated. Two of us from the photo above are already married. The rest are still enjoying the life of having no responsibility but themselves. 

Here are more friends I met in SEKC. These was taken recently during one of our get-together.

Here is another shot of me with my high school friends from another school - Manukan National Highschool. I transfered there during my third year and met these beautiful people. One of them is my friend during elementary. 

College Friends
And finally, my college friends. I met these two beautiful ladies here in Andres Bonifacio College. We were taking the same course and we were classmates in all subjects. That made us even closer to each other. We even named our group "mongos", short for mongloids which is a group of weird, freak and not-so-good students in ABC. Later on, the "mongos" grew into a one big mongos clan. 


  1. hahaha kami naman po ay Ninja Turtles lol mine is up thanks

  2. Nice Photo Sis huh!!! I love the scrap and ofcourse the quotes.. hehehe

    At ang wacky shots nyo infairness ang ganda din...hehehe

    Nice to meet your friends Sis

  3. great scrapping sis :)

    sorry for the late visit!
    u may view mine too here

  4. hahaha natawa naman ako dun sa mongos clan, aliw ka! hahahah

    dami mo friends girl! nice to meet them all here at GT..

    anyways sori for the late visit ha.. ngaun lng naayos net ko hayz. wil post later my share for today's GT hihih

    thanks for always joining GT chie!!


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