GT: Childhood Friends

Last month, i missed almost all the topics in Girl Talk! It's because I have no photos of foods for the topics to share. This month though, i'll try my best not to miss a single topic which is all about Friends. 

What is a friend by the way? A friend is person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
My Little Sisters

There two real friends that I have in my life that I will forever cherish. Our friendship is strong and can't be torn down with each other's differences. There is acceptance. It's a relationship that I can't trade to my relationships with any of my friends. And that is the friendship between me and my little sisters. We knew, loved and cared each other since we were young. We were bonded by love and blood and so the friendship started naturally. We were each other's secret keeper, advice giver, and critic.  


  1. That's a great post Chie, mga sisters talaga ang normally friends di ba? Me and my sister had our own set of friends, although kapag nasa bahay kami eh nagsasabihan kami ng mga secrets, hehehe!


    dyan pala ang aking GT entry, namali ang aking nalgay na link, sorry.

  3. di ko friends mga sis ko kasi palagi ko silang inaaway,bad girl kasi ako nung maliit

  4. masarap pag sisters mo ang bestfriends mo kase hanggang sa bahay e magkakasama kayo. and for sure before matulog e boys pinag-uusapan nyo, wink!

  5. ate liza right saka bihira pa yung magkakapatid na ganyan kmi ng kapatid ko naku parang aso't pusa

  6. What a nice relationship you had with your sisters,make me missed my two younger sisters because they are my shopping buddy. :)

  7. ay ang saya naman yan, you have sisters. ako wish ko lang yan, to have ate and younger sis.

    here's my entry

  8. beauty runs in your family chie!! kagaganda niyong three chies :)

    my sister is my best buddy too.. pero naker pag secret na di kami nagsasabihan lol

    thanks for joining GT ha!!! happy weekend girl!

    Artsy Niko
    Niko's Home


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