Black Red Nail Paint

The last time (last week I guess ) I visited my parents in Manukan, I got my nails painted. Now I am planning to have my nails painted everytime I go there for I like the manicurist who did my nails aside from being my mother's best friend. 

I forgot the brand of the nail polish being used but I remember the color vaguely. It was "black red".  I liked the aftermath so much. The color made my nails fiery hot!


  1. ka beauty sa mga nails..sus diri..di jud diay ka maka huna huna ug parlor kay hastang mahala...

  2. Wow! Love it chie! You have a nice finger and toe nails. How i wish ako din.hehe

  3. you have pretty nails... agree with you mami kat... pastilang mahala pa parlor dire mao ako ra manicure naho... good thing i have so many nail polish here

  4. my gosh...fiery hot jud sexy...I love the color....:)

    sos tawon dugay naman ko wala ka tilaw ug mani/pedi tawon woi...hastang mahal man!


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