Girls Talk: Favorite Junk Food

It's Girls Talk moment again. Today's theme is "favorite junk food".  I have an all time favorite junk food and that is none other than Oishi Prawn Crackers spicy flavor.  
I am quite in a hurry today. So i guess I will not make this post very long. Click on the GT badge above girls if you feel like joining our GT fun every Thursday.


  1. I'm Oishi lover too but just the regular flavor, 'yoko ng Spicy,di ko ma enjoy pag maanghang lol!


  2. Favorite junk food ko nung nasa Pinas ako oishi =) !!!

  3. weeeh alam mo girl minsan crave din ako nyang spicy oishi na yan hihihih

    thanks for joining GT girl!! hope ur full na now.. kain lng ng kain hihihi

    ingat lagi ganda!!

  4. im not a fan of the spicy flavor pero yummy nga yan!

  5. masarap na mura pa, kaya oishi lover din ako lol


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