Awesome Gum Wrappers Dresses

I read about this couple who are wearing a dress and a vest made of gum wrappers on Yahoo News lately. It was said that Elizabeth Rasmuson and her boyfriend, Jordan Weaver wear a dress and vest made of Wrigley's "5 gum" wrappers in shades of blue and white. They showed up at their high school prom wearing only that. What a creative couple!

Elizabeth Rasmuson and Jordan Weaver in Gum Wrappers.

I made a search for more clothing made up of gum wrappers thinking the couple above wouldn't be the first to do it. And I found two creative women who did the same. 
I found this photo from a flicker account that was uploaded on 2008.  The girl in the photo wear a dress that is made up of gum wrappers on her graduation. She graduated being the Valedictorian.

This is another 2008 flicker photo of a local high school senior who made a dress using 3000 gum wrappers and wore it on their prom night.  


  1. That pink get up looks like something Carrie Bradshaw would wear.


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