GT: A Picture I Rather Hide

It is Thursday once again girls, our much anticipated fun meme every Thursday! Our theme today is posting a picture that we rather hide. It would be a captured embarrassing moment, ugliest or freakiest photo, or a funny shot of yours that you don't want to be seen by the people.  
As for my share, I uploaded here a photo of my freakiest moment or you may call it my ugliest face. This picture was taken in the restaurant of Kawayanan resort in Palawan. Hubby initiated making a funny face on the cam and I followed. So there you have, have fun seeing my ugly face. Lol.

Now is your turn to show a photo of you that rather hide. Click on the the Girls Talk badge above and join the fun!


  1. Hehehe.. lingaw kaau ko imo picture sis.. heheh.. funny indeed.. abi nko og kinsa bah.. ang kilay mn jud nmo akong nakita first sis.. heheh.. naa mn diay long fingers.. heheh.. thanks for sharing sis.. muahhh!

  2. hehehehe funny indeed nd kita nakilala lol

  3. hehe.. sis so cute, thanks for hop by lurvetyhing.

    oh yeah if you add beer and a hand with hook, with hat you look like hook! :D

  4. Lol ok lang naman, di naman nakakatakot pero funny hehe.. have a nice weekend! ENJOY

  5. Naku, di naman ugly pix ito..playful lang...

  6. hehe, scary? di a, playful nga :-)

  7. ow u look so funny girl!! you are not ugly at all at this pic ha..!! kaw tlga :) cutey nga eh.. you are so game hehehe

    april theme is up by the way, silip kn girl hihi

    tc lagi!


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