Girls Talk: My Latest Vital Stats

Today's topic is quite fun and scary. I was scared of getting my latest measurements for I know I gained a lot of weight. Lol! Oh well,  I am up for revealing my latest vital statistics.

So here's my Info and Vital stats:
Age: 23 yrs, 2 months and 11 days old
Height: 4’11” (I would love to be 5 flat but I've no prob with my height though)
Weight: the last time i weighed myself was last year, i weighed 100 lbs from 90, for sure I am now 110 (darn!hehehe!)
Vital stats: 35-27-35 (used to be 34-25-34 huhuhu, ayan mag-asawa pa kau)

Ok, here you go. I enjoyed this theme today although I am little disappointed with my latest vital stats. I thought I am not that big yet. Lol! Sis Niko sorry if I posted it late. We are still having rotating brownout. We had 7 hours brownout today (3 hours daytime and 4 hours night time). It is so hard to find time blogging on time.


  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog <3 and also for your compliment :)

    Don't see anything wrong with your stats :) They look pretty good to me,so no worries about gaining that little weight in the last year.

  2. Thanks girl.... uu mag aasawa pa ako...

    we have different delimma, ako naman gusto kong pumyat,...

    Happy weekends

  3. sis 23 and 2 months? lapit na b-day mo...:D .. hahaha parang nanakot un last part hehehe.. sabagay tumaba lang din ako nung mgkasama na kami ni huny..

  4. Sus naman nagreklamo sa vital stat eh ang sexy mo pa rin. HMP! talaga, kapag 33 na ang waistline mo na gaya ko, saka ka mag compalain hehehe. So far, you still have great body...

  5. oi grabe diay brown out dinha noh, dili unta dinhia oi kay kami lang wahhh anyway girl sexy ka pa rin talaga as in sa pagdadala lang naman kasi yan hehehe

  6. hello there! ang sexy mo sis. :D

  7. my bust area maintain but waist even I am 34 but I need find like 37 to wear as tummy is blocking. hip bigger so hard to find jeans too.

    thanks for come by

  8. yikes. kakainis yung brownout no. pero at least you were still able to join! at seksing seksi ka p rin nmn no. one of the sexiest sa mga entries this week. woot!

  9. i am no longer measuring my stats too... di na kasi kaya ng measurement lol

  10. oh lala.. ang sexy mo chie!!!! waaaaaaaah inggit ako hihih

    anyways girl thanks for always joinng GT ha.. see u next week.. show some flesh nmn :)

    tc lagi!

  11. you're not that big no.. proportioned ang vital stats mo.. siguro mostly problem natin ay ang tummy, pero nasa damit naman eh lol.. goodluck sa diet natin)

  12. hhooisstt!!sexy ka naman ah and I don't see any problems with your stats!How envious nga eh!Sana akin na lang ang boobs mo lol!

  13. Kung titingnan ka sa picture you looks 5"3 to me.I thought ako na ang pinakamaliit sa mga blogger na nakilala ko lol
    And heyyy!!I like your Vstat sexy!!When I was @ your age ganyan din ang size ng hips ko...sniff sniff but now..ang laki ko na kaya nga ayaw kong huminto visiting gym kahit once a week lang.Than
    ks for the visit & ngayon ko lang nalaman,you're so young!

  14. oo nga pag nag-aasawa e tumataba. proof yan na magaling mag-alaga ang asawa ka.

    sexy ka, girl. mas sexy ng 2 inches waist mo sa akin, ehehe.

    Topics on Earth
    Mom’s Ups and Downs

  15. you look taller in pictures, chie..


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