Cheep's Big Grad. Gift And Roses

That big gift and a bouquet of red roses are what my youngest sister, Cheep received on her graduation from her boyfriend. What? My sister has a boyfriend? Since when? She just turned 17! How come I didn't know all this? Well, I guess I am just over reacting as to why mama tolerated her and let her boyfriend visit her in the house. 
Anyway, inside that big pink gift is a pink Mickey and Minnie Mouse pillow. I give two thumbs up for Cheep's boyfriend because he knows she loves pink.


  1. oi.. cute sis.. ako pod sister Ginoo ko sayo kaau nangoyab og okay ra mn pod ky kabalo mn pod amping nuon ya self, sge namo tambagan.. og makita mn pod nga wla gabinuang so bahala sugot bulag dayon ky mo-kiss mn daw.. lol.. puppy love.. anyway, happy grad to your sis diay sis.. 17 diay na xa.. ako sis 17 mo-grad og 2 yrs course midwifery krn March, sayo mn pod gud xa nag-grade 1---6 yrs old pa. So then, happy grad to her. muahhh!

  2. nice sis, roses lang akoa hahaha... ana mga bata ron sis pa cute pero ok lang kaau basta mag tinarunglang. Second d motion with lola cacai hahaha...

    Basta mohatag gift okey na. hahaha! joking... basta millions oks na oks... over... cge na sis, tnx kaau sa pag agi sa akong mga bloggos.


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