Chuchie as a Lover

Hmmn? What am I as a lover? I can say I am not too difficult to handle. I do have bad attitudes and I make sure that I show it first before me and my lover will get to a more serious relationship. I show who and what I am, it may be a bad thing or a good thing. When my husband and I were still lovers, he told me I am very outspoken yet he loves me for being like that although sometimes my being outspoken hurts him. Well, I told him that there are things that he does that hurts me too yet I still love him. That's just it, you love me or you don't and I love you or I don't.  Since we love each other, then we should learn to love each other's worst. 
If I have a worst side, I also have a best side and that is for being sweet, loving and caring.  It feels so great to care someone you love, being compassionate to him and give out all your love to him. I can say I am like that. I love like there is no tomorrow that's why when my husband and I broke up (we were lovers at that time) i cried a river because I gave him everything leaving nothing to myself. 


  1. being outspoken is just being true not only to yourself but to everyone, in short nd ka plastic or tupperware or lock and lock lol joke... hehehe

  2. Lahat tayo may bad and good side as a lover, bsta alam ko sabi nya hnd daw ako malambing hahaha ewan ko basta ganun ako eh.

    sis naa koy award nimo here

  3. sweet naman...apir! u'r right the person that will love you at your worst xa talaga ang one great true love.. ;D


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