I ♥ Pink #3: C.P.R. Hair Revitalizing Spray

It seems like decades have passed since I last participated I ♥ Pink. I missed it, honestly. I do missed all my memes because they help me post something when my mind goes blank. So here is my pink stuff for today.

Not totally pink actually but I am digging on the shades on the bottle's label. That bottle on the picture by the way is C.P.R. or Care Protect Repair Hair Revitalizing Spray.  It is my number 1 partner in taking care of my hair after the tight and heavy hair-dos during occasions and after drying my hair using the blower which I do everyday. As we all know, blower only helps in drying hair after bath but it is not safe for the hair. It can cause hair damage. I also use this after going to a salon for hair treatment. I like CPR hair revitalizing spray because it contains essential hair nutrients that revive and give life to the hair. It serves as a protective coat for my hair to remain soft, smooth and easy to comb. I've been using this for years already and so far, it works.

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