Girls Talk: My First Crush + Previous Topics

I missed lots of topics in Girls Talk last year due to the busy Holidays. And I do miss the fun Girls Talk can give. To make it up with my co-Girls Talk participants, I have here a make post about the previous topics I missed and of course, our topic for today: First Crush.

Today's topic is quite scary.  Do I really have to be honest? What if my husband don't like the idea of telling to the other people about my first crush while he doesn't even know yet? Lol. Well, he will surely understand.

My First Crush
I had a serious crush to the actor Dingdong Dantes when I was in first year high school.  It was when after I saw his movie with Antionette Taus entitled "Honey My Love So Sweet". There were nights I couldn't sleep thinking of him, thinking myself being his leading lady.

Since I couldn't  see Dingdong Dantes in person, my admiration for him transfered to this fourth year high school guy. His name starts with R and his surname with M (sorry i don't write his name down). God, he was so handsome, tall and white. I mean very fair skinned. I even thought that he has american blood in him. To top it all, he was a basketball player. He looks very close to Dingdong Dantes but he surely was more good looking than the actor. Since then, everytime he passed by our classroom, I've told my classmates "OMG, my Dingdong Dantes, here he comes!" Thinking about it make me laugh at my self. I was only 12 years old and there I was daydreaming of my prince charming. Well, I was only good at daydreaming because I was very scared being close to a guy especially when I am being asked about my name.  I run as fast as I can to get away!

Anyway, this Mr. R.M. aka Dingdong Dantes doesn't know I got a crush on him until now and for sure he doesn't care. Lol.  I have no plan to tell him either because I have now the most handsome man in the world, and that is my husband.

Previous Topics I Missed To Share:
December 10, 2009: List Talk
My whole family, including my husband of course, was in my top list. I, myself, bought surprise gifts for them. It was a surprise because I didn’t ask them what they want for Christmas or I didn’t mention them about buying gifts. I bought them only simple gifts but very useful to their everyday lives.

Next to that are my godchildren. I made sure they’ll get their share for Christmas; simple gifts that made their young hearts happy.

Last was myself. Lol. Celebrating Christmas with my whole family made me feel so complete and so happy. That was the most special gift God gave me. Thank God for giving me another joyous celebration with my loved-ones. I couldn’t ask for more.

December 17, 2009: Christmas Decoration
I put our little Christmas tree up before my birthday. We never had a hard time decorating our Christmas tree because ours was just 4 feet tall and we placed it in our bay window, just very little to decorate. We already had the ornaments and other decorations needed which were used last Christmas 08. In short, we didn’t spend for the Christmas tree and Christmas decorations last year.

December 24, 2009: Christmas Tradition
Just like last year, we were already at my parents’ house on the 24th of December. It was also the preparation day. Everybody in the house had their own task. My mother and I were busy cooking some dishes for the Noche Buena. (I grew up having noche buena and attending mass, it is very usual for us and for sure to other Filipinos.) My father and my brother were doing the pig, preparing it to be roasted. My sisters were wrapping the gifts for the kids (mostly for the godchildren) and putting it under the Christmas tree. They were also tasked to do a little house cleaning. My husband was just playing with the kids.

Around 9pm, we were all ready to attend mass, except my father (he doesn’t go to church). After the mass, we waited for the midnight. When the clock tick to the last second of the 24th of December, our boys (my husband, dad and my brother) started firing the fireworks. After the fireworks was the dinner time. After the dinner was the gift giving. I played as the Santa on the Christmas 09, last Christmas 08 was my brother and next Santa for the next Christmas will be my father.

December 21, 2009: New Year’s Resolution
1.Minimize smoking habit.
2.Eat more veggies to live a healthy life.
3.Lose extra fats by doing exercise everyday for an hour .
4.Be productive. I am talking here about my blogging work. I need to start accepting opportunities.
5. Be more happy and appreciative with what I have, I can have and what I can do.
6. Get closer to God.


  1. pack one pack all diay ni imong gipost girl ai dah ako motivate pa ko to do meme lol

  2. ahaha so cute! Dingdong is not good looking din naman, mestizo lang

    Make or Break

  3. sure is a long post. LOL

    ay kras ko din yang si dingdong e. pero lately na lang din. ang gwapo nya di ba :D

    btw, here's my entry. :)

  4. nalingaw ko basa sa imong posts sis, gipang-pack jud and that's good.. lingaw pod ko'g basa2x nya akong opps did2 waz pa nahimo.. waaa..

  5. ah kujawa oi..pakyaw man aron kuno wazzz absent sa meme hehehe...

    hala ka Chie..sulngon jud ka diha ni Darna kay gi fantasya man diay nimo iya lalabs..hehe

    oi abot sa imo 20 mins ra?? sa akoa ana kay 20 days, klareks kay di man ko kabalo...nyahaha.

    anyway, unsa nga version sa photoshop kay mag praktis kuno ko basig maka balo diay ko before mag 20 years...hehehe

  6. cute nga si Dingdong..parang naimagine ko na how a 12 year old reacts when she sqaw her crush..he..he...reminds me of Jolina's expression na chuva-cho-cho if she sees her crush..Cute nga yong feeling na may crush ka...yong feeling na kinikilig..he..he..

  7. alam mo baliw na baliw kay dong sister ko nung single pa sya hahah :) he is cute naman kc tlga.. hehehe pero true ka kasi si fafa mas pogi kay dong noh! :)

    thanks for doing the GT on december ha... katuwa ka naman.. u played the santa for this year hehe...

    see u next GT ha... ingat lagi! mwah mwha

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  8. Hanep si dingdong man jud sis:-) ang last na imung resolution sis the best...Get closer to GOD.


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