Girls Talk: First Date

My first date was on the Internet with my husband. You may find it unbelievable but it’s true. I never dated somebody when I was in High School and even in College. It is not because I had no suitors, I had a few. I was just so afraid with guys who showed interest in me. Why? I will talk about it next post, maybe tomorrow?

So how was my first date with my husband (my bf at that time)? It was just a normal “getting-to-know each other online”. No "bastos" talk. That was one reason I like about my husband.  We never talked bastos stuffs like other Filipina who experienced "lemme see some flesh" things on the internet. He was very respective and respectable and so I respected him to the highest level until we met personally and had our first personal date.  We went to Greenbelt in Manila, we had our lunch there, then we strolled around and had a little shopping. Around 6 pm we had a dinner and then we watched our first movie together and that movie was "Crank" starring Jason Statham. 


  1. hemm ... when talking about a first date. My first date with her husband, the romantic dinner and he gave me a kiss

  2. So your first date is the love of your life. That was awesome!

  3. Hahaha... katawa ko sis kay naa byay scene sa crank nga Rated.. hehehe... Nadumdoman lng nako sis..


  4. @kathy: hahahah mao jud sis, makalingaw....pero nice jud nga movie nga movie oi...

  5. ow i love jason statham :) the transporter whooooa fave nmen pareho ni hubby.

    and i have to say this.. prang si hubby mo si jason :) wiiiiii

    thanks for joining GR chie!! see u tom..ready knb??

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