Friday, July 31, 2009

Pink Fridays 15: KC's First Birthday Cake

This is baby KC's pink disney cake on her first birthday. KC, by the way is my godchild. You might think that she is my daughter. How I wish. Happy pink Friday everyone!
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Wheww, it's been awhile since this blog was awarded. Lol. It is such an honor to accept this Kreativ Blogger Award and with much gratitude, I do thank the person who nominated me to be one of the awardees of this said award. This is another Three Chies' success.
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---> Thank you so much sis Shy of Blog Fusion for passing this Kreativ Blogger Award to this blog. It is such a great pleasure knowing you being one of the greatest blogging friends I have here in the blogosphere.
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7 Things About The 3 Chies

1. We are sisters and we rock!
(Chie or me, being the eldest sister at 21 yrs.old, next is Chem,19 and the baby, Cheep-15)
2. We all have long, straight hair.
3. We are our parents and bro's angels, fairies and beauty queens.
4. We all love music and we can sing (Oh, this is interesting, I guess. To hear is to believe.LOL).
5. We love and care for each other more than sisters; we are best friends.
6. We do have fights sometimes but it won't take hours.
7. We are not perfect!

5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
-->I am nominating Abie, Lulu, Cacai, Shaine,YANORZAH, Anygen, Kristine.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pink Fridays # 14: Ponds White Beauty Cream

This is my freebie prize from Ate Tammy of Anything Under the Sun. This is her free gift for me for winning the 4th prize of her and her sister's Slogan Making Contest. To Ate Tammy, thank you so so much for the effort of sending this to me together with the converted $5 prize money. Mwah, love lots ate Tam. This arrived last Wednesday. I was not able post about this right away though because I've been busy with household chores. I have been washing our laundry for 3 consecutive days. I can't wash them all in one day, it would be very stressing. Anyway, I hope this post is not too late for Pink Fridays.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Organic Products For You and Your Home

Women are very meticulous when it comes to home care and beautification just as how meticulous they are to their own self. I admit I am one of those women. I put my hands full in buying excellent and beautiful home adornments as well as home care treatments because taking care of a home is not just about how beautiful it is to look at but also how healthy and comfortable it is to dwell at for the whole family. That is why I always keep our little home clean and pleasant to breathe for a healthy living.

Taking care of our home is quite comparable to how I am taking care of myself. Being a woman, I am very particular with my look. I want to look and feel good from head to toe and that alone is a very good reason why I buy beauty products second to the most important things even though my husband questions me about buying that sort of stuffs. Like most girls, I also keep track on the latest and more effective beauty products in the market. I always go for good beauty products that will not only beautify me but also take care of my face and body like the organic beauty products.

Organic beauty products are topping in the list of the highest quality products nowadays because of the natural ingredients used. It gives you pure pleasure and natural care while making your skin healthy. No wonder I like using this kind of beauty products because if you live organic, you live healthy. Aside from spoiling myself with the organic beauty, I am also spoiling our home with aromatherapy oils. It is best to spread its fragrance inside the bedroom during night time with scented candles. Hmm, it makes me sleep well at night.

These products are not hard to find due to its popularity in the market nowadays but because of it also sometimes some stores are out of stocks. Anyway, you can find these products in many bath and body stores anywhere. One of the most popular bath and body stores is Sabon which you can find in New York City. So, check it out!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ruby Tuesday 5: Bicycle Seat

It's Ruby Tuesday time again. I know it is not Tuesday here in the Philippines. It is already Wednesday morning here but still, I am posing my ruby shot - the red heart bicycle seat. Sorry about the blurred photo, it was a quick shot.

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Is This Look of Lady Gaga Scary?

I found this picture in Yahoo being one of the ugly truths in the world of stardom. What do you think about this look of Lady Gaga? Oh, I am sure you know who this girl is. She is known with her long and wavy, and according to them, scary eyelashes and extraordinary wardrobes. Recently, there were rumors saying that she is now 4 times screwed up for spending her personal dime to her fancy and expensive clothing.

So, back to this latest look of Lady Gaga, do you agree that she looks scary? Does she look exactly like a freak in this wardrobe? Well, whatever she was thinking upon wearing these stuffs is unknown to the people’s thinking. Each of us has our own taste and style, so, who cares? More of The Ugly Truths here.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rihanna's New Hairstyle

How would you like your hair done? Maybe you would consider having Rihanna's new hairstyle. As you can see, she cut it right to the rear. So, would you even dare? Well, I dont!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pink Fridays 13: Mannequin in Pink

I spotted this mannequin wearing pink top and bottom as I passed by this boutique in my hometown. I can't remember the name of the boutique and I didn't even bother getting in to check their stuffs because at that time I was thinking of playing bingo. Thinking about Pink Fridays, I took a quick shot of the mannequin outside the window before heading to the Bingo hall.
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Get Tied Up With Bows

By looking at the pictures above it reminded me of of my mother stuffs like her bag, her shoes and even her knee-high skirt with big bow belt way back when I was little. And last year, I remember my sisters asked me to buy that ugly looking, big bowed head bonds. They said that they saw it on TV worn by Mariel Rodriguez, a noon time game show host. It had been a fashion trend here in the Philippines last year, I guess but it didn't live that long.I never loved the head bonds but I loved the shoes and the other bowed apparels, bags and accessories. Oh, it can never be stopped. I do find bowed and draped stuffs still fashionable. It can never be out of time.

For more of bows and draped stuffs, click here.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Yellow Shirt with Slanted V-Neck

I ran to my closet again tonight to find something yellow and spotted this yellow lacoste shirt of mine with slanted brown v-cut neckline. At first, I thought the saleslady did not properly hung this shirt but actually, it is its style. I bought this shirt last year and wore for 5 times only. This fits real good on me during the few months after purchasing but as days passed by I got bigger.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What Is Your Favorite Scent?

Each of us has our own favorite scent. Majority of women love sweet scents that reflect their sweetness and fragility. Men, of course, they love strong scents as justification to their masculinity. As for me, I’d used different perfumes already. Some of them have accompanied me through their last drop and some are given away to my sisters. So far, among those many perfumes offered in the malls and even online, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Scent seduces my sense of smell. It has watering notes of lime and cedar giving you fresh and delightful feeling. The scent really is something you want to smell for the rest of the day.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pink Friday 12: Hot Pink Roses

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Happy Pink Fridays everyone! I am late again in posting pink. I was not even able to take picture of a pink stuff today so I only grabbed this picture here from my photo folders. This picture can be used for Ruby Tuesday since I am wearing red and oh, notice our wall paint but since it is Pink Friday I am gonna show you here the bouquet of hot pink roses given by my hubby on Valentine's day.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Spread The Love Award

I got this award from Shaine of D Anjhel Scraps of Life, Mr. D of Basicbloganomics, and Lis of Lisgold. Thank you so much my friends for sharing me this very lovely award and for spreading the love on me.

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I am spreading love with Krisronian , Pink Mama of Pink Thoughts, DJ Tammy of Forgetful Princess, Hopeful of My Passion, Prettysinglemom of My Journey, utotmopink, Elda of My Little Garden of Friendship, Grace of My Wedding Day, Sissy's Pastime, Pinay Survivor Mom, and Abie of The Sweet Life. Please come and grab this award sisters.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Cheep In Her Tahitian Dance Costume

This is my youngest sister, Cheep, in her Tahitian Dance costume taken at their dressing room. She was in 3rd year High School in this photo ( 13 yrs. old) when she joined this Foreign Dance to fight with other years of High School students. She was the only one who wore a yellow costume among the seven dancers. After three years of being away from my family, it was my first time seeing my baby sister shaking her butt gracefully onstage wearing this kind of costume. The last time I knew, she didn't even wear short pants and sleeveless clothes but I knew she has been active in school dances back in her day care and elementary days. I set that thinking aside and enjoyed myself watching her. Their group won the the 2nd place.