Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ruby Tuesday #3: Red Butterfly Blouse

Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone. Have you guys taken something ruby red today? Well, I spotted one from my closet. I have here one of my favorite blouses, my red blouse with butterfly prints on it back and front. The butterfly actually is the main reason why I love this shirt a lot.

If you'll think of joining Ruby Tuesday meme, don't hesitate to click on the 125X125 meme badge above. It will take you to the meme's site. Have fun sharing your ruby red shots and stories to us. Wish you a great Ruby Tuesday everyone.
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Join Pink Mama's Contest

Here is another pink contest for you sisters entitled Pink Thought’s Pink Contest hosted by the certified Pink Mama right at her Pink Blog. Hosting this contest is her way of showing gratitude to all her visitors, friends and Pink Fridays Participants. I am inviting everyone to join this awesome pink contest. Don’t let the prizes pass by because it is pretty simple to join, pretty simple to win as well. Give Pink Mama a visit now sisters before this contest end which will be this coming July 6. (EnDEd)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hubby's Football Uniform

I have here today a photo of my husband's football uniform. Hubby just joined a small football team called Oasis here in Dipolog City, Philippines. The team comprises all Foreigners who love football sport here in the City. They used to play every Sunday at the team leader/coach's private field. They are also active in tournaments; they actually played football against the rest of the football teams last month during the City Festival.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Story Behind My Wedding Gown

Do you have any idea how many days the designers or the makers made this gown? You might be thinking a month, two or three weeks, or a couple of months perhaps. Well, I am telling you, this gown that I wear on that very special day of my life was made within 48 hours ONLY. Rush. I am still thankful to the Socorro Bridal Gown Boutique here in Dipolog City for accepting that “48-Hour” rush for a very low price.

My husband was the one who chose the design of the gown for me. He was very particular on the gown details from the cloth to the beadings, the fit and the cut, the length and flow of the tail, everything. He even suggested and kept reminding the planner to tell the designer to use corset. Two days before the wedding, hubby and I were too excited that we didn’t help but gave a surprise visit to wedding planner to take a look at my wedding gown before I wear it since she was texting that everything’s ready. To our dismay, the bridal gown that we were expecting was not the gown we saw and I tell you we didn’t like the gown that was displayed before our eyes. The gown was really, really, really unpleasant for the price we paid. The wedding planner had her own plan on the gown and not abiding with what we wanted. She was making her own design because her, herself was the one making the gown which we didn’t know. She is a planner and not a designer. She is supposed to be getting the details and hand it over to the real designer. What the heck. We were so frustrated because everything was not really ready even the wedding favors. So right then and there, we cancelled the business with her. At that time we were not thinking about the money we wasted, we were thinking of getting everything ready even if it means starting the planning and paying all over again. Good thing, somebody helped us and set everything ready within 48 HOURS including my wedding gown. We were so glad that the Socorro Bridal Gown boutique accepted the work. We were lucky after all. So, hubby picked a new dream wedding gown for me again....and it came true.

So, to those who are planning to get married, you should have plenty of time doing the planning and don’t rely and trust too much to the planners especially if you they are not known. From to time to time you should check everything to avoid problems like ours.

Pink Fridays 10: Bangles

Share your pink stuffs with us and have fun! Click the badge below for info.
It is Pink Friday’s time again. I am excited to check on the rest of the Pink Fridays players’ pink stuffs. I have here a photo of my pink bangles. Hubby doesn’t like me wearing these bangles which one of the things I have that he named as “noise makers”. Yes, these are really noisy especially if you wear them together. Well, girls like that ‘bling’ noise honey.
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Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Father's Day - Make Him Smile

Don't forget to bring some smiles on your daddys' lips this Father's Day. It is not too late for gift wrapping. Head on to Sears now and pick among the father's day collection they have. The photos above are just some of the items they have that is available for gift wrapping. Click on the photos for info and a larger view.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Pink Fridays #9: Steno Notebook

Happy Pink Friday to everyone. My pink stuff for today is my steno notebook which I was using last year for my steno subject. I am done with all my subjects and supposedly I am going to take more advance steno subject. I enjoyed writing the so-called "worm style" writing.
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Pink Fridays # 8: Hair Curler

Happy Pink Friday to all. It's been a while since I last participated in Pink Fridays meme. My entry for today is my pink hair curler I just got last week. I was hooked by its color but its quality is no good. I used it already and it is too flimsy for my hair. It is good only for one-day use.
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Join This Slogan-Making Contest

Have you thought of something that made you smile today? Well, blogging made me smile today. Actually, since I started learning more about this blogging thing, I am actually happier thinking that I share something that I can to my readers. I am sharing you here the contest that I recently joined. It's the coolest contest ever. It is about making a slogan regarding blogging. Express what you think and what you feel about blogging in a form of a slogan for a chance to win cool prizes. The contest is hosted by two blogging sisters DJ Tammy and Teacher Rosilie. For more information on how to join the contest, click on the contest banner below. This contest will end this June 20, 09 so better hurry.

Sister Rosilie's blogs:
Sister Tammy's blogs:
Here is my entry:

Before I get to know blogging, I was living a boring life as a student. There was nothing much to do but go to school, come home to finish school works, watch tv and mess with my computer games. Since I started blogging, I wake up early to check my shoutbox and think of something to write about. I started making more friends online. Just by the thought of making a post, sharing what I can share and visiting my friends' blogs make me smile. Blogging definitely can end my day with a smile on my lips. Happy blogging everyone!