Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Newly Weds-Juday and Ryan

After the fans long wait, Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo finally tied the knot last Tuesday, Arpil 28 at San Juan Nepomuceno Church in San Juan Batangas. As an avid fan of Miss Judy Ann Santos, I felt at peace when the Abs-Cbn news last night confirmed that she finally found a home. She was able to hop on the train. LOL. She is not getting any younger and Ryan and her really is a good match. It was a very private ceremony since the two wanted that very special day a solemn one away from the media. It was said that present were selected singers to perform during the ceremony and families of both. To get to know more about the wedding, check out Abs-Cbn News.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ruby Tuesday # 1: Love Bears

It is my first participation in Ruby Tuesday, I hope this first post of mine will be counted in. I posted here the picture of two inloved teddy bears under their umbrella. It just shows that lovers should stick together however the rain pour down and taste their relationship. Hubby gave this to me last Valentine's day and it was our first Valentine's day celebration.
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Gifts From Ate Tammy

This is one of the stuffs I received from Ate Tammy of Anything Under the Sun. She has a botique in General Santos City, Philippines and this shirt is one of her items for sale. This shirt is simply eligant and sexy having plunging v-neckline and back. I do like this shirt so much although hubby don't like me revealing my boastful girls. One thing that make this shirt very special is it's message, "I am a Blogger" printed in front. This shirt is just right for a blogger like me. She gave this shirt to me for free together with one of the things she loves the most, the heart-shaped jewelry keepsake. I am using this jewelry keepsake now for my little gold butterfly earring.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pink Fridays 5: My Pink Helmet

I almost miss Pink Friday. Thank you so much to Pink Thoughts for reminding me. I do appreciate it. I had fun watching bubble gang with my sister, Cheep and was not able to come back in front of my computer right away. So, I am so sorry if I posted my Pink Friday an hour late.

So, here is my pink helmet for today's Pink Friday. This helmet is already a year and a month old since I bought this. I bought this helmet for three reasons. First, it will keep my head safe if ever something bad happens. We used to visit my parents in Manukan almost everyday using my hubby's bike. It was 45 minutes to 1 hour drive. Since my hubby drives his fast bike at top speed, I thought of getting a helmet. Second, it's very pretty having pale pink color, and lastly, it has butterflies on it which actually drove me to get it. This helmet is added to my butterfly collection. Isn't it beautiful?
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Big Bag

This bag is not as expensive as what you think. I even have no idea what this bag's brand. I only got this from the seller who is coming here, if I am not mistaken twice a week selling clothes, shoes, bags and other girl stuffs. Our neighbors used to get stuffs from the seller and last week, I was home, the neighbor referred me to the seller thinking I might get some. So, the seller approached me with a bag full of stuffs, mostly for summer time. This bag caught my attention thinking it would be good to carry my belongings when going to the beach but actually hubby and I have no plan of going to the beach this summer. For the seller not to be disaoppointed, I bought this bag. Besides I like its style and I found it fine-made enough to last a year. I have been using this bag for school and it helps me a lot in carrying my school book and other school stuffs.
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Love Your Blog Award

This award is given by D-Anjhel's. Thank you so much for this award sis. Thanks for the thought of including me in your linky list. Very much appreciated.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pink Fridays 4: Chuchie in Pink

Happy Pink Friday to all! Here's a picture of me wearing my pink collared shirt, my pink shorts and my pink bangle. This picture was taken yesterday at ate Chin's place, at our Thursday hangout.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Oceanic Blue on the Beach

Are your get-ups ready for summer? Here are some of my blue oceanic picks from style feeder. So far, from the stuffs they have, these are the following that reached 90 percent of my taste level. When you are on the beach, of course, you have to get rid of your shoes and stilettos for the meantime and step on your flip flops for easy walking on the sand. Stylish beach dresses and sleeveless shirt and shorts would be nice to wear for summertime to minimize your sweats especially when having a morning walk. Beach hat is enough for me to have some shade; sunglasses can ruin the real beauty of the sorroundings. To finally feel the real meaning of summer, put on your two piece swimming suit and rush to the sea. Before you do, put on lotion with SPFs to protect you from sunburn.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Orange and Turquoise for Spring Time

Bring on something different this spring by combining orange and turquoise to your get-up. Try the Coral Embroidered Habotai Tunic Top that is made of 100 percent lightweight silk habotai with v-neck slit emphasizing your boastful cleavage or the knitted top. Pair it with Teal Peacock Feather Tights; you can surely pair it with short dress. Talking about dress, here is black halo’s classic design. I find this dress’s style very unique especially if you pair it with strappy footwear with hoop-and-loop closures . To complete the orange and turquoise get-up, put on the Coral Necklace, Noodle Cuff and Ruby Red Cocktail Ring.
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Smart Blogger Award

I got another award from DJ Tammy. Thank you so much for this Smart Blogger award ate Tammy. Thank you for the never ending support and for the nice words. Thanks for being a good friend to me. The rules:
1. Link the one who gave this award and let them know you posted it.
2. Pass this to as many Smart Bloggers as you can think and make sure to write something about them, like what makes you think they are Smart.
3. Let them know they have an Award.

I am passing giving this award to my smart blogger friends:
Pinay Survivor Mom - a new blogging friend I just met recently but I can sense that she is a very approachable person. I am so proud of her for being a survivor mom.
Cacai - one of my closest friends here in the blogger's world, she is such a sweet and very charming person. Luv yah sistah.
Rosemarie - the amazing layout designer behind this blog layout. A very friendly and generous giving this layout to me for free.
D-Anjhe'ls - a newly added friend that I would look forward to talk to and be friend with. She seems nice and friendly.
Please come and grab this award sisters.
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Friday, April 3, 2009

Pink Fridays 3: Pink Garlands

There are just some of the garlands I got for my classmate who graduated last month. I separated this two cutie pink garlands which are creatively made only for Pink Fridays.
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