Tuesday, February 24, 2009

08-09 Oscar's Worst Dressed Stars

What I like during Oscar’s Awards Night is the parade of nice, stylish and expensive gowns. Though all those gowns that the stars are wearing are all expensive and fashionable enough to their taste, some people may not like it and turned out to be over exaggerated to some people’s fancy while others think it’s too simple and..blah. Let’s explore here first the worst dressed stars during the awards night and compare it to the last year’s worst dressed stars. I do like watching them walking and waving through the red carpet and judge myself who got the best and worst dress. Check out my last year, and this year’s top choice of worst dressed star.

Worst Dressed 09 and Worst Dressed 08

Taraji Henson and Heidi Klum

2008 Oscar's Worst Dressed

Nicole Kidman
Tilda Swinton
Jennifer Hudson
Melora Hardin
Renee Zellweger
Calista Flockhart
Katherine Heigi
Rosamund Pike
Heidi Klum

2009 Oscar's Worst Dressed

Bryce Dallas

Elizabeth Banks

Naomi Watts

Gina Gershon

Rachel Griffith

Gwen Stefani
Patricia Clarkson

Umma Thurman

Jessica Alba

Jada Smith

Zoe Saldana
Selma Hayek

Sheryl Crow

Rachel Weisz

Taraji Henson

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cheep’s Prom Night

My sister had her first JS prom experience last week. She is currently a 3rd year high school student. Though my parents and I was not able to escort her, it was all good because my brother was there as her chaperon. She is too young to be out at night and it is understandable if we are overprotective to her. The prom night was great according to Cheep. She was so excited to get the pictures developed to add to her photo album. I don’t know to other school but in the school where I studied high school which is where Cheep is studying now, the Prom style is if you are a 3rd year student your prom partner will be a 4th year student. That’s why we call it Junior-Senior Prom.

With Bro

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hot Pink Roses

A dozen of hot pink roses is one of the gifts my husband got me. For the first time in my whole life I received flowers, not only three or four but a dozen. I was just curious though why my husband got me pink roses and not red. It was the question that I asked to my husband just a while ago. His answer was "I was looking for something nice and beautiful to give you and that hot pink roses caught my eyes. Besides, they are very typical kind of roses."

So, what is really the meaning of these hot pink roses? I made a little research on the internet about the meaning of hot pink roses so my curious mind will stop thinking. Hot pink roses represents happiness and gratitude. It is a way of saying "I am glad I found you" or "I am happy with our relationship" to a girlfriend or to a wife.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Color

Here is the color code for Valentine's day to give you an idea on what shirt color to wear today. I only read this from my friendster bulletin. I found it interesting enough to share with you. Check out what is your Valentine's color. Mine is red.
  • Wear Red if you are happily committed.
  • Wear White if you are single and looking.
  • Wear Gray if you are not interested in relationship and commitments.
  • Wear Blue if you are inlove with your friend or if you like someone in the office.
  • Wear Brown if you are committed and you want out.
  • Wear Yellow if you are dating or inlove but not in a relationship.
  • Wear Green if you are in a third party relationship.
  • Wear Black if you are broken hearted.
  • Wear Stripes if you have more than one relationship.
  • Wear Pink if you are in a same sex relationship.
  • Wear Orange if you don't have any relationship since birth.
  • Wear Violet if you a virgin.

Red Shirts Ready

My husband and I already got our red shirts ready for tomorrow, for our first Valentine's day celebration. We never really planned on wearing red shirts for this coming hearts day but since we both got red shirts we just thought of wearing them. Besides these shirts are both new..as in never been fitted and never been worn. Having these red shirts here is pure coincidence. I was the one who got that red shirt as my Christmas gift to him last Christmas. He likes red colors shirts so i thought of getting him that. I ordered my red shirt from Natasha a week ago. I just like the style. Anyway, it's Valentine's Day so these shirts would fit to wear for those who are in love on that day. So, since we are still madly in-love with each other, it is just right to wear colors of love. If you are taken but your hubby is not with you or is working far from you then just wear blue shirts so cupid will not site his arrow on you. They said, blue shirts are for those who are alone but already taken. What about you guys? What are your gimmicks this Valentine's day?
I don't know yet where we will be having our first date this Valentine's Day. My husband said he has plan for us, he got his choice of a restaurant in mind but he had no plan on telling me where because he said it is a surprise. Well, wherever would it be as long as we are together, that is all that matters.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cheep's Prom Shoes

My younger sisters, Chem and Cheep came over yesterday. I was quite surprised; they only come over here every weekend. They were here because the youngest sister, Cheep asked me to get her a new pair of sandals to wear for their JS prom. She complained that she cannot walk with my sandals for it is too high and she is not used to it. It made me think. Our youngest darling is now getting ready for adulthood. She was just a mere little baby who used to be very conservative among the three Chies yet now she is starting to wear expressive clothes. She didn’t even wear shorts because she don’t want people see her legs. Just a funny thought. Anyway, I took them with me to buy the sandals. My youngest sister is simply choosy and of course each of us has different taste when it comes to shoes. Besides, the sandals should fit right to her feet and should be tested if it is comfortable enough to walk so she can be able to walk confidently with her shoes on. She picked a pair of 2 1/2 inches purple sandals made by Instyle. The purple sandal fits right her purple cocktail dress. I did not see her dress yet but I am sure I will see it when they come back here this Saturday after the prom. The Prom will be this coming Friday and I cannot be there because of my class schedule. Though I cannot be there she will still have chaperons, her brother and her elder sister Chem.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Play Cupid This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Little did we know, that holiday is already up and we will be rushing to pick gifts for our beloved significant others. Girls, do you already have an idea of what gift you are going to give for you loved-ones/husbands? Of course Valentine’s Cards are most buys in the market this month. Yet, we should give/try something different aside from the love notes written in the card. Why not try something special? Play a seductive cupid this Valentine’s Day. Of course, do it inside you and your husband’s love nest. It surely will give sensuous excitement to your man that would lift his spirit up to the max. It is just an idea. For more costumes visit www.costumecauldron.com.