The Three Chies' Recent Bonding

We were having a 2-day/1-night bonding because of Cheep's school projects. It's very unusual because these past weeks we very seldom catch Chem in the house because she comes and she goes. So when we finally caught her, Cheep asked her to help us with the school projects. Cheep needs her in bookbinding, Chem is very good in it.

They ignored the camera, they must be very busy.

Pasting on the final touches.

Here is your author, the big sister.

During our 3chies bonding, I was used as the researcher and the photographer while hubby was the buyer of our snacks.


  1. well at least your hubby is very useful lol

  2. ang saya naman tingnan girl hehehe

  3. sus pagka beezzy sa mga sistah hehe...

    agi lang ko Chie...drop lang sad ko EC haha

  4. ka nice man diay kaau sa bonding sa mag sisters...wish I had a!

    kuyaw kaau ang researcher kay sexy man kaau...hahaha..tig man diay si hubby!

    woi sis taas naman kaau imong hair woi....very pretty....ako kay pangit man jud akong hair maong dko ganahan!

  5. ang author,, ka nice sa hair heheheh.... helpful kaayo si banana sis taga palit man jud snacks hehehe!

  6. bonding is good....i haven't talked to my big bro for like...8 months now.....uhuhhhhh.....

  7. this is great..made me miss my sisters who are so far away from where i live.. :)


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