Girls Talk: Birth Talk

I know I am very, as in very late in posting Girls Talk topic today but since Mr. Linky is still open why not. I don't want to miss every single topic and besides, this week's topic is very important because it is all about "birth talk".

I was born on a cold day of December back in 1986 on the 22nd. My mama said, there was nothing special with my birthday except that my father didn't think of me as his because I am the first baby.  There was a saying that a first baby is a result of the mother's sleeping over with friends and coming home late but hey, I got his ears. That's what the people noticed as soon as I got out from my mother's womb.

I was delivered through natural delivery just in our house with the help of a midwife who happened to be my parent's neighbors back then. I came out a very small baby but I cried so loud, as in loud.


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