Gaining Weight

If not for the pictures I uploaded yesterday with my siblings and friends, I didn't realize how fat I am right now.  My family and hubby didn't say anything about me gaining weight. My husband kept telling me I am still in good shape and so he keeps buying me cheesecake and other sweets which I can't resist. Maybe because he doesn't want me to be sexy afraid I'll hook men's eyes which he says I always do. Looking at the pictures yesterday taken at the new bar in my home town and at our batch hangout, I did see some extra fats in me especially on my arms and butt area. Plus I started to have some cheeks.

Now, I feel so sad about it. Doing sit-ups and some exercises everyday surely won't help to think I am too lazy to do it. Then there are these yummy foods I couldn't resist. I came to think of considering liposuction. Liposuction would be a great help especially if I want to get rid of these extra fats in me real fast. I still have to think about it though. I might be having problem with the price and the guts to undergo this kind of surgery.


  1. conscious woi...maau gani ka sis kay walay bilbil....hehehe!

    hahhaa....mahadlok diay ang bana ug mo sexy ug!

    na ako gani sis nga dako na kaau ko ug aping tawon...ikaw kay ok raman imong figure....:)

    Happy Birthday

  2. hahaha... gwapa man jpon sis bisag unsaon... belated happy bday diay! hehehe


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