Early Christmas Gifts from Dana

I received early Christmas gifts from Dana of Dana's Jewelry Design. She was giving away a pair of her very own designed earring to all her fans.  And being one of her fans, I received this pair of earring with 5 interchangeable charms.  Along with the pair is a set of gift cards as bonus. Here, check it out:
The whole set.

Such a beautifully designed pair of earring.

The gift cards and her thank you card.

It is so sweet of you Dana for sending these early gifts here in the Philippines. I do thank you so much with all my heart.  I wish you more success and blessings.  If you want to see more of Dana's Jewelries, visit her  store. 


  1. wow ka nice sa imong knick knacks sis....love them....:) early birthday present...hehehehe!


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