Cheep and her Little Story

Cheep loves so much to be on stage whether it is dancing, acting or ramp walking.  She always like it to be on stage performing.  Even when she was young. She made us so proud of her although our parents said that Cheep, like Chem was just an accident. Lol. Really. My mother never thought of conceiving Cheep. They even attempted to abort her because my Papa (dad) disagreed my mother's pregnancy with her. He didn't want the child. He even accused Ma(mom) being pregnant with other guy.  Thank God, Cheep hold on tight inside my mother's womb. After 3 attempts, they gave up of getting rid of her. She is really for us. When she came out on December 27, 1993 at dawn she became my dad's favorite.  Our Papa's baby girl - Rechiel Cheep.

Cheep's dance costumes (last year and this year)

The first photo on the upper left side was for their folk dance. The lower left was her Korean dance costume.
The yellow costume on the right side is her favorite, it's her Tahitian Dance costume.

This year's folk dance and interpretative dance costumes.

Cheep started performing on stage at 4 years old. She became Ms. Little Christmas in the whole Wangge Street on 1997 bagging "Best in Talent Award". She acted as a pregnant woman but left behind by her boyfriend for other woman on her talent. My mother was one of the sponsors of it and was cheep's trainer. Her second stage performance was on her graduation day in Day Care. She was 6 years old then and became Ms. Daycare and was the class Valedictorian.

When she started Grade school, that was when her serious stage performances started. I remember when she was in Grade 1. She walked on the ramp having fever but she still managed to walk and pose with a smile on her lips. She was so darn cute. I remember she whined on me on back stage "te, it hurt my lips if I always smile". Then I told her, "ok, if you are facing the audience, you have to smile but if your back is on the audience then don't smile". She was the candidate for the school's yearly fashion and beauty contest since Grade 1 to Grade 3. Although she was not winning the big prizes no more against the elder candidates, in our hearts she is a winner, our Little Miss Lovely and Bubbly Cheep.

When she was in Grade 4, my mama decided not to let Cheep join any beauty contests no more.  There was one time, Cheep's teachers went to our house just to convince mom.  She refused because she felt sad when Cheep got disappointed. Even at her young age, she already know what is winning and what is losing because she knew, when she wins she have trophies.  It was really cute when she was saying "ma, i did not win" with a sad face. Mom decided to transfer Cheep to other elementary school to get away from that. Still, mom still get more convincing from the teachers. She refused but not until Cheep reached Grade 6. Thinking it was her last year in grade school, so why not. It was 50% beauty and 50% money contest. We lost on the money. Cheep ended up the 5th runner-up.

Now she is 15 years old and currently a 4th year High school student. Last September this year, I received a text message from Cheep saying "Te, is it ok for you if I am chosen as a candidate for Ms. Sports for our year this intrams?". So, I was like, not again and replied ask that to mama. But don't get me wrong, I was so proud of her when I received that message because although she is not a perfect beauty to some people at least somebody got interested of her and of what she can do. I was so excited about it but I was sad when she texted me back saying mama said "NO".


  1. Very talented ng sister mo, At Valedictorian pa ha. Syempre kanino ba naman magmamana.

  2. waaaaaa....why man wala nag sugot si mader earth....ehehhe!

    sos ka very talented man diay kaau sa inyong bunso sis....mahilig man diay sa stage....

    infairness she has the beauty....good luck to Cheep!

    and thanks for sharing the story....she is meant to live in this world...:)


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